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Our team helps you to better understand the U.S. Immigration System. We offer comprehensive assistance to enhance your comprehension of the intricate and intricate U.S. Immigration System. We simplify and expound on the complex and jargon-laden verbiage to enable you to have a clear grasp of the prerequisites when completing the USCIS Immigration Application.

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We have assisted numerous individuals in completing their immigration applications to ensure their documentation is accepted upon initial submission. We understand that the U.S. immigration process can be intricate, and even the omission of a single detail can result in the rejection of your immigration application.

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Our team comprises individuals who have effectively undergone immigration to the United States. Through this process, we have gained knowledge on how to circumvent typical errors when completing various applications. Our team endeavors to assist you in saving time and resources, allowing you to concentrate on priorities instead of navigating the intricate U.S. immigration system. We collaborate with government officials and immigration attorneys to ensure that your documentation is in capable hands.

Why Do We Do It?

Our aim is to provide assistance to individuals seeking to file immigration applications, as we recognize that navigating this process on one’s own can be both complex and time-consuming. Given the importance of prioritizing family obligations, we seek to alleviate the burden of paperwork by ensuring the timely and accurate submission of required documents.

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Rajat Dhar

Rajat Dhar

My name is Rajat Dhar, and I am a licensed lawyer in India currently working as a Legal Executive for a U.S. based law firm. As a Freelancer, I handle various cases related to U.S. Immigration, including Naturalization, Business Immigration, Family Immigration, Asylum & Withholding of Removal, Waiver cases, Adjustment or Change of Status, Removal Defense Applications, and Petitions such as H1-B, I-130, I-140, I-485, and I-765. Additionally, I have assisted in RFE and NOID cases.

Since my college years, I have been passionate about International law, and soon after graduation, I worked for a Legal Advisory Firm where I provided expert and due diligence reports for Embassies and Consulates. My work involved researching and conducting due diligence on Visa related cases, Political asylum, and Citizenship applications.

I have also worked as a Political Consultant, leading a team of nine members to collect and analyze data related to public systems and political concerns. I have collaborated with journalists to scrutinize reports and statistics.

As an Advocate, I have honed my skills in drafting legal documents. Currently, I am not only open to working as an Immigration Lawyer, but also read, write and hold discussions on immigration-related content as an author, keeping me abreast of the latest developments in the field.

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