Tool Kit


The Mission at hand is to promote citizenship via a national, nonpartisan, multilingual public awareness campaign designed to empower eligible legal permanent residents and build a volunteer corps of Americans to support them through the naturalization process.

On September 17, 2015, Citizenship Day, the citizenship awareness campaign was launched.

The campaign’s main message is that becoming a naturalized citizen matters – today and in the future – and will positively impact you, your family, your community, and ultimately, your country. 

The campaign platform, “Stand Stronger” is a multilingual effort targeted at legal permanent residents and their families. “Stand Stronger” is a uniting message designed to compel legal residents to solidify their roots and tap into the incredible opportunities that await new American citizens.


These campaign assets are included with this kit.


  • Commit To Citizenship Staff

    Commit To Citizenship‘s team consists of individuals who have successfully immigrated to the United States and have learned how to avoid common mistakes in filling out immigration applications. Our team works closely with immigration lawyers to ensure that all content provided on our website is up-to-date and accurate. We offer guidance on a range of immigration topics, including green cards, diversity visas, and DACA.